Why is the review considering regional Victoria?

    The government committed to reviewing how to better manage boating facilities in Port Phillip and Western Port. This review is nearly complete and we’re now expanding the scope of the project to include regional Victoria given this is where most of the state’s recreational boating infrastructure is. 

    We know the current arrangements result in varied standards across the state. In regional Victoria differences exist between managing facilities in marine environments, for example Apollo Bay and Warrnambool, compared to inland facilities on rivers and reservoirs. We need to understand if there are issues or opportunities to improve how we manage boating facilities in regional Victoria.

    What is the objective of extending the review to consider regional Victoria?

    The end objective is to improve the management of boating facilities, including condition of these facilities, so that the Victorian boating community can have access to good facilities.  The review has already identified key themes that are relevant to Port Phillip and Western Port. The regional review seeks to test these themes in regional Victoria and to understand if there are other themes that are particularly relevant to assist with improving how boating infrastructure is managed across the State.

    Why do we need your feedback about boating facilities in regional Victoria?

    We know we don’t have all the answers. And while we’re doing our own thinking about improving boating around the state, we also need boaters, anglers, facility managers, industry groups and anyone interested using our waterways to tell us how we can improve the way boating infrastructure is managed across Victoria.

    The feedback we get from this consultation will be used to help make boating better in Victoria.

    How are you going to conduct the review?

    A considerable effort has been undertaken to identify key themes relevant to managing boating facilities across Port Phillip and Western Port, which resulted in the release of a discussion paper in December 2019.  Using this information, we have conducted focused telephone interviews with some asset managers and key stakeholders to test these findings and to ascertain if other issues are relevant to regional Victoria.  Using this information, we will consult the broader boating community via an online survey. This approach will help us understand how best to improve boating infrastructure management across regional Victoria.

    How is the review being funded?

    The government committed to this review and allocated funding in the 2019-20 State Budget to undertake the review.

    Will the review result in construction of new boat ramps and what locations will they be?

    The review will seek to confirm options for improving how boating facilities are managed in the future. The construction of new boat ramps is not part of the review.

    Will the review mean that boating assets will be transferred to the State?

    The review will focus on identifying how we can better manage our boating facilities across Victoria. At this stage there are no changes proposed to current management arrangements.

    How will stakeholders be able to get involved?

    There will be opportunities for stakeholders to have their say throughout the review through a variety of mediums. This will include interviews and a public consultation on a summary paper of the current limitations of boating infrastructure management in regional Victoria. Updates will be provided online and through social media.

    What happens after the consultation on the regional boating infrastructure summary paper?

    A report outlining the findings from the public consultation and the next steps in the review will be released in mid-2020. During this time, the review will continue to progress exploring options that will result in improving how boating infrastructure is managed across regional Victoria.

    When will we see the outcomes of the review?

    The review is expected to be completed around mid-2020.   The information, including options for improving how boating facilities are managed, will be considered throughout 2020, and information will be provided accordingly.

    When will we see improvements in regional Victoria?

    It’s too early to tell what the outcomes of the review will be. However, announcements regarding any outcomes will be provided throughout 2020.