What is the objective of the management review?

    The end objective is to improve the management of boating facilities, including condition of these facilities, so that the Victorian boating community can have access to great facilities.  

    The review will seek to understand the issues associated with managing boating infrastructure and identify options to improve management.

    Why is a review being done?

    It was an election commitment to undertake this review to investigate how we can better manage boating facilities in Port Phillip and Western Port.

    What is the purpose of the review and will it include the construction of new boat ramps?

    The review of management of boat facilities in Port Phillip and Western Port will look at how these facilities are being managed now, the condition of these assets, what the current issues are with management, and what options are available for improving the management of these boating facilities in the future. The construction of new boat ramps is not part of the review.

    Will the review mean that boating assets will be transferred to the State?

    The review will focus on identifying how we can better manage our boating facilities across Western Port and Port Phillip. At this stage there are no changes proposed to current management arrangements.

    How will stakeholders be able to get involved?

    There will be opportunities for stakeholders to have their say throughout the review through a variety of mediums. This will include a public consultation on a discussion paper, interviews, and focus groups. Updates will be provided online and through social media.

    Can I have a say in the review?

    Yes. We're seeking public consultation from Tuesday, 3 December to Friday, 10 January 2020.  During this time, the community are encouraged to review our discussion paper and provide feedback via a survey.

    Why isn’t the review looking at all of Victoria?

    The majority of boating is concentrated around Port Phillip and Western Port. It makes sense to focus the review in this geographical area before expanding to the rest of Victoria.

    Are you setting up a dedicated boating infrastructure authority?

    The government committed to undertaking a review with a view to setting up a dedicated boating authority. This is an option that is being considered as part of the review including identifying what a dedicated authority would need to do to improve boating infrastructure management.

    Why doesn’t the State just take back the management of boating facilities?

    As part of the review, we need to understand the condition of assets, what management practices are currently in place and how improvements can be made. It’s too early at this point in the review to decide if the State taking back the assets for day to day management is the best option for improving the way boating infrastructure is managed in Port Phillip and Western Port.

    How is the review being funded?

    The government committed to this review and allocated $1 million in the 2019-20 State Budget to undertake it.

    What happens after the consultation on the discussion paper?

    A summary report outlining the findings from the discussion paper consultation and the next steps in the review will be released in early 2020. During this time, the review will continue to progress exploring options what will result in improving how boating infrastructure is managed.

    When will we see the outcomes of the review?

    The review is expected to be completed around May 2020. Announcements regarding any outcomes will be provided throughout 2020.

    When will we see improvements in Port Phillip and Western Port?

    It’s too early to tell what the outcomes of the review will be. However, announcements regarding any outcomes will be provided throughout 2020.