What is the Melville Road tram terminus upgrade?

The Route 58 terminus at the intersection of Melville Road and Bell Street is being upgraded to an accessible platform stop in October 2018. The upgrades will allow passengers using wheelchairs and parents with prams to catch the tram. At the same time the upgrade will improve safety for passengers waiting and catching the tram. Improvements will also include the installation of passenger information displays, shelter, seating, lighting and a new pedestrian crossing. As part of the upgrade works, Stop 44 Brearley Parade is planned to be removed.

Why does the tram terminus need to be upgraded?

Route 58 is currently serviced by low floor trams which makes catching the tram easier for everyone. Unfortunately, people using wheelchairs are not able to catch the tram at Pasoce Vale South as the tram is serviced by an old style road-level stop. This upgrade project will, for the first time, allow people using wheelchairs or have difficulties using steps to safely board the tram. The Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 set out the minimum accessibility requirements that providers and operators of public transport must comply with to ensure that access to transport is consistently improved. Since October 2002, all new public transport conveyances, premises and infrastructure must comply with the transport standards.

What will the upgraded tram terminus and stop look like?

After the upgrades, the Melville Road tram stop will be relocated 65 metres south from where it’s currently located. The new level-access platform stop will be 33 metres long, with new signalised pedestrian crossings to accommodate passengers safely crossing from the platform to the kerb. Safety fencing will be installed along the platform and the tram tracks. Dual tracks will be built at the end of the line to allow trams to more efficiently “turn around”. 

Why are there plans to remove Stop 44 Brearley Parade?

Ideally, large low floor trams stop every 300 to 400 meters to provide passengers with quicker, more convenient journeys. Moving Stop 45 Bell Street 65 metres south of the existing stop will place the existing Stop 44 just 142 metres down the tram line. Spacing stops this close together is not ideal for passengers with trams slowing to a stop almost as soon as they have started. PTV and Yarra Trams want to hear from current Stop 44 Brearley Parade passengers to understand if removing this stop would create inconvenience for their journey. If community feedback reflects current tram service information that this stop is infrequently used, Stop 44 will be removed to improve Route 58’s service to most passengers.

When will works start on the tram terminus upgrade and how long will it take?

A six-day build for the project is planned from Saturday 13 October to Thursday 18 October.

How did the community provide feedback on the project?

Local residents, businesses and tram passengers were invited to drop in and have a chat with the project team on Thursday 12 July between 5.30pm to 8pm at Vogue Dance Studio, 407 Bell Street. Those who could not join us at the drop-in session were encouraged to fill in a tram stop upgrade feedback form online between Monday 2 July and Monday 16 July.

How will the Melville Road streetscape change as part of the upgrade?

A number of trees on Melville Road will be pruned or removed to make way for new parking spaces. However, PTV will introduce more trees than it removes from Melville Road.

Will road conditions change as a result of the tram terminus upgrade?

The roadway in front of the Melville Road shops on the west side will become no standing on Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm. This change is needed to allow two lanes of traffic to flow northbound during peak periods.

Will there be changes to parking on Melville Road?

Three parking spaces on the west side of Melville Road and one parking space (a taxi zone) on the east side will be removed to accommodate the new signalised pedestrian crossing. Four new parking spaces may be created near the intersection of Brearley Parade and Melville Road when Stop 44 Brearley Street is removed. Six indented parking spaces on the east side will be created to support parking options around the tram stop. The number of disabled parking bays will double to support new passengers to Route 58. In support of many businesses who rely on deliveries, a new 15-minute short-term parking space will be introduced outside the Melville Road shops on the west side. This will allow for quick pick up and drop offs of passengers and goods. Overall, the number of parking spaces on Melville Road will be unchanged. PTV understands the importance of parking to local businesses. PTV has partnered with the City of Moreland to survey available parking spaces within 500 metres of the Melville-Bell traders. The parking survey is being used to carefully plan any necessary changes to parking as a result of tram infrastructure being upgraded on the roadway. The survey will be retaken again following construction to identify any further opportunities for parking improvements.

Why will Stop 45 Bell Street be relocated?

Stop 45 will be relocated 65m south toward Brearley Parade to accommodate the new dual tracks at the end of the line. Currently, the roadway near the Melville Road terminus often experiences congestion when there are multiple trams waiting south of the terminus to use the single “turn around” track at the end of the line. The dual tracks will make it easier for trams to “turn around” without blocking the motor traffic. 

I have a question about the project. Who should I speak to?

For more information on the Melville Road terminus upgrade, please call 1800 800 007 or email ptvprojects@ptv.vic.gov.au

What was the result of community consultation?

The project team received community feedback from 59 local residents, traders and passengers. The team is currently reviewing this feedback and making improvements to the tram terminus design based on community input. A summary report of the consultation results will be made available in the coming weeks.