What is the Melville Road tram terminus upgrade?

    The Route 58 terminus at the intersection of Melville Road and Bell Street is being upgraded to an accessible platform stop in early 2020. The upgrades will allow passengers using wheelchairs and parents with prams to catch the tram. At the same time the upgrade will improve safety for passengers waiting and catching the tram. Improvements will also include the installation of passenger information displays, shelter, seating, lighting and a new pedestrian crossing.

    Why does the tram terminus need to be upgraded?

    We’re upgrading stops across the tram network to enable everyone to get on and off the tram safely and easily. Upgrading the Melville Road terminus will make it accessible to more people; allow newer, bigger trams on Route 58; and help provide a better passenger experience.

    What will the upgraded tram terminus and stop look like?

    -  a 33m platform that aligns with low floor trams for level access boarding

    -  new customer information displays, shelter, seating, improved lighting and safety barriers

    -  new signalised crossing linking pedestrians to the tram stop and shopping precinct

    -  driver amenities including toilets

    -  new wayfinding signs between the tram terminus and local bus stops

    -  dual tracks to allow trams to turn around more efficiently

    When will works start on the tram terminus upgrade?

    Early works are scheduled for January 2020, with major works to take place in early February 2020.

    How will the Melville Road streetscape change as part of the upgrade?

    5 trees on Melville Road will be pruned or removed to make way for new parking spaces. However, PTV will plant more new trees in appropriate locations than are being removed.  

    Will there be changes to parking on Melville Road?

    Yes. We’ve worked closely with Moreland City Council and VicRoads in managing changes to parking and how traffic moves around the new terminus.

    Along the western (northbound) lane, car parking spaces will be reduced from 16 to 13 to accommodate the new signalised pedestrian crossing, an allocated disability parking space will be retained and the lane will become ‘no stopping’ between 8-9am and 4-6pm to help with the movement of peak traffic through the intersection of Melville Road and Bell Street.

    Along the eastern (southbound) lane, car parking spaces will be reduced from 9 to 7 and 4 parking spaces adjacent the tram stop will be indented to continue allowing traffic to pass.

    With the new tram stop being larger than the existing stop, some adjacent residents will have their driveways widened to help with vehicle movements in and out.

    Will there be disruptions as part of the works?

    Construction works of the site will be managed by our project partners Yarra Trams.

    Yarra Trams will work to minimise the disruption to locals. Any changes to normal operations or access will be communicated ahead of time.

    Disruptions to tram, traffic and pedestrian access, as well as noise and dust are unavoidable during construction. Where possible, work in and around the tramlines will take place after the last and before the first service to minimise disruption to tram services.

    I have a question about the project. Who should I speak to?

    For more information on the Melville Road terminus upgrade, please call 1800 800 007 or email ptvprojects@ptv.vic.gov.au