What happened to Mooroopna Station?

    The Mooroopna Railway Station was destroyed due to a fire on Saturday 13 January 2018. V/Line has installed a temporary shelter at the station and plans to install a permanent fixture.

    When will the station be rebuilt?

    V/Line procured a new shelter and this was installed on October 16. V/Line will install additional lighting by the end of the year.

    Will the old station building be re-opened?

    Prior to the station building being destroyed by fire in January 2018, it had already been closed for seven years since the closure of the SPC Ardmona factory in 2011.

    V/Line was required to replace the passenger facilities and sought feedback from passengers, the community and local stakeholders to understand to best meet their needs.

    What funding has been made available for the station rebuild?

    The original Mooroopna Station building was insured, and V/Line had contingency funding to replace the passenger facilities on the station platform.

    What community consultation has taken place for this project?

    Community consultation took place in early April 2018. 

    Passengers and locals were invited to have their say at drop-in sessions at Mooroopna Station and at the Bill and Bate’s Café in Mooroopna. Many locals also provided their feedback online through the Transport for Victoria’s Get Involved website.

    Transport for Victoria and V/Line also hosted a local stakeholder session with community leaders, including the City of Greater Shepparton, representatives from the local indigenous community, historical society and other community groups. 

    How was the consultation promoted to the local community?

    The Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan, and Member for Northern Victoria, Mark Gepp, announced the consultation on 21 March. Community information drop in sessions were promoted two weeks prior to the consultation session through local papers, V/Line and Transport for Victoria’s websites, V/Line and Transport for Victoria’s Twitter, and V/Line station posters.

    What feedback was received from the community?

    Many Mooroopna locals have shared their ideas with us to improve the comfort and convenience of the station for current and future passengers. Passengers and locals told us that they want to see improved weather proofing, improved lighting, improved wayfinding and improved connection from the station to the town centre. Passengers and locals also expressed their passion for retaining the heritage elements of Mooroopna Station showcasing Mooroopna’s history and culture to visitors. A summary of the community consultation is available here.

    What does the new station look like?

    A new heritage-style, all-weather type shelter has been built at Mooroopna Station. The shelter is similar to that at Broadford Station and other stations on the regional network.

    The Station will be fitted with improved lighting and better footpaths. Wayfinding will also be upgraded to improve the connection from the station to the town centre.

    Transport for Victoria and V/Line are working together with the Historical Society of Mooroopna to honour the history of the station.

    Signage is being created at Mooroopna Station to share the story of the growth of the fruit industry and transport.

    Are there any plans to relocate the station?

    There are currently no plans to relocate the station as part of the rebuild.

     Any further opportunities to upgrade the Shepparton Line such as relocating Mooroopna station will be considered in the longer term planning for the corridor.

    How often do trains stop at Mooroopna?

    Mooroopna station has eight weekly return services and six weekend return services.

    Mooroopna to Melbourne

    ·  Monday to Friday, Shepparton to Southern Cross Station, trains stopping at Mooroopna at 05:22 – 06:35 – 12:56 – 16:12

    ·  Saturday and Sunday, Shepparton to Southern Cross Station, trains stopping at Mooroopna at 07:23 – 12:43 – 16:11.

    Melbourne to Mooroopna

    ·  Monday to Friday, Southern Cross Station to Shepparton, trains stopping at Mooroopna at 11:53 – 15:10 – 19:10 – 21:29

    ·  Saturday and Sunday, Southern Cross Station to Shepparton, trains stopping at Mooroopna at 11:33 – 15:12 – 20:51.

    What’s the patronage of Mooroopna station?

    Each year, about 5,600 passenger journeys are made to and from Mooroopna station.