What is the purpose of the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel?

    The Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel has been established to provide advice to the office of the Minister for Roads, Road Safety and the TAC on issues relating to motorcycling in Victoria.

    Why is there a need for a panel?

    A panel is needed because there are approximately 430,000 Victorians who hold a motorcycle license and we’d like to capture a fair representation of the motorcycling community, ages, genders and riders to inform policy and decisions affecting motorcycling in Victoria. 

    What are the objectives of the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel?

    The objectives of the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel are to:

    • provide a forum for exchange of information between the motorcycling community, other stakeholders where appropriate, and the Minister (or her delegate),

    • provide a forum for the motorcycling community to table ideas and proposals to improve road safety,

    • advise on trends in motorcycling in Victoria,

    • provide advice on how a proposed policy may impact the motorcycling community, and

    • provide advice on specific issues as requested.

    What is the membership for the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel?

    The Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel will comprise:

    • An Independent Chair

    • An executive officer from Victoria Police

    • An executive officer from Transport Accident Commission

    • An executive officer from Road Safety Victoria 

    • An executive officer from Safe System Road Infrastructure Program (SSRIP)

    • Six members who are from the Victorian motorcycling community (Victorian motorcycle licence holders) selected in accordance with the Victorian Government Guidelines on Appointment and Remuneration (effective from 1 July 2019). 

    How long will members be appointed to the panel for?

    Members will be appointed for a term of three years (or at the discretion of the Minister).

    How often will the panel meet?

    The Panel is expected to meet four times per year.  Meetings will be held during business hours.  Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson as needed.

    A quorum of at least four motorcycling community members must be present for a meeting to proceed.

    How will the new panel members be recruited?

    The recruitment process will be in line with the Victorian Government Guidelines on Appointment and Remuneration (effective from 1 July 2019). It is proposed that an expression of interest (EOI) process will be utilised to recruit members: 

    • who are active motorcycle riders;

    • who have appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to contribute effectively to discussions relevant to the safety and development of motorcycling;

    • who come from a range of motorcycling backgrounds to achieve a strong representation of the motorcycling community; and

    • who meet the character, probity and residency requirements to successfully acquit the responsibilities of the panel (no suspension or cancellation of licence in the last 10 years, no criminal record, not banned or disqualified by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, not on the Australian Financial Security Authority personal insolvency register and is a permanent resident of Victoria).

    Can members of the public be part of the EOI process?

    Yes, the EOI process welcomes all motorcycle riders who fit into the criteria listed in the question above. 

    You can express your interest in being appointed to the panel by completing the expressions of interest form.

    Are there compulsory requirements to be considered for this panel?

    Yes, to be considered for the panel applicants are required to:

    • live in Victoria
    • have a valid, Victorian licence with no licence suspensions for the past ten years
    • identify any possible conflicts of interest in their expression of interest form
    • be a current motorcycle rider
    Short-listed applicants may be required to complete a police check.

    Will there be an induction program?

    An induction program will be developed to welcome members formally, provide induction material and in-person briefings. This aims to set clear expectations of member contributions, confidentiality obligations and professional meeting behaviours. 

    When will the new panel begin?

    The Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel will commence their work schedule with meetings starting in early 2020.

    Is the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel replacing any other panel?

    Yes, the Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel will be replaced by the new Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel.