Why was Rhyll chosen for an upgrade?

    Rhyll was selected as a priority location for upgrade based on advice from various stakeholders including the boating and angling community.

    What will the project involve?

    The project is likely to involve an upgrade to the existing ramp, an additional pontoon and re-configuration of the existing car park to provide a better launching and retrieving experience. 

    The upgrade will consider water sensitive user designs to minimise impacts to Western Port.  The concept designs are the first step in the process and a final design will be informed by community feedback.

    Who is involved with this project?

    Better Boating Victoria is overseeing the Rhyll boating facility upgrade and is working with a number of stakeholders of this project including Bass Coast Shire Council, DELWP, Parks Victoria, local angling and businesses and broader boating community.

    When will it start?

    The designs will need to be progressed and all the necessary approvals will need to be obtained before construction can begin. This process is likely to start early next year, and we will provide further updates on when construction will commence.

    Will I have a chance to provide feedback on the upgrade?

    Yes. We are hosting a community drop-in event on Friday 22 November from 4 pm-7 pm for Phillip Island residents and local and visiting boat ramp users to provide feedback. We will also be running an online consultation from Friday, 22 November to Friday, 6 December 2019.

    How much will the project cost?

    The project cost can’t be quantified until we have a final agreed concept. Once this happens, we can provide a project estimate.

    When will it be ready to use?

    Construction of the upgrade is dependent on obtaining necessary approvals and it may need to be staged to minimise impact to boat ramp users. This is likely to occur over the next 12 to 24 months but Better Boating Victoria will provide further updates as the project progresses.

    Why can’t you make it bigger and include more parking?

    There are several constraints at this facility including the angling club, nearby businesses, road access and Western Port. Expansion beyond the existing footprint is very limited. The upgrade will focus on making improvements within the existing boundaries.

    Will it be free to use?

    Yes. Government has implemented a policy to remove fees from publicly accessible boat ramps.

    Who will be maintaining the newly upgraded boating facility?

    The facility is currently managed by Bass Coast Shire Council and there are no plans to change current maintenance arrangements at this stage.

    Will landscaping be considered as part of the upgrade?

    Yes. The designs will consider amenity and landscaping including vegetation and water sensitive user designs to enhance the visual appeal of the facility.

    Why are you proposing to relocate the playground?

    The playground is currently located close to the boat ramp and vehicle parking. It’s proposed the playground will be relocated away from vehicles to improve pedestrian safety and allow for improved traffic flow.

    What about the shipwrecks that are located within the vicinity of the Rhyll Boat Ramp?

    Better Boating Victoria became aware of the shipwrecks after the finalisation of the concept plans.  Better Boating has commenced engagement with Heritage Victoria and local Phillip Island historians and will progress assessments as required.  This means that the concept design may need to be modified to accommodate these new findings.  Any changes to the plans will be communicated with stakeholders.