How did we come up with the tram stop location and design?

    We assessed three possible design options against how well they would: 

    - reduce the pedestrian congestion around the station

    improve convenience for commuters and pedestrians travelling through the area

    -  improve accessibility including for people with disabilities

    -  make it easier for passengers to transfer between trams and trains

    -  allow trams to operate safely

    -  minimise the likelihood of accidents and dangerous passenger behaviour around the crossing and tram stop

    -  allow traffic movement through the area (particularly for emergency service vehicles)

    minimise the loss of parking wherever possible

    meet the complex technical requirements of building on a bridge, including maximum load limits and the presence of utility services such as electrical wiring and gas mains.

    How will the upgrade be coordinated with work on the Metro Tunnel?

    PTV are working closely with Rail Projects Victoria and the City of Stonnington to ensure a coordinated approach to construction activity. Where possible we will work to minimise disruption to local residents and businesses. 

    How will any traffic changes associated with the new tram stop be managed?

    We are working as part of the recently merged Department of Transport (now incorporating VicRoads) and Stonnington City Council to ensure the upgrade has minimal impacts on traffic flow along Toorak Road.